Category: Colombia

  • Day 70 – Landslide (Tulcan, Ecuador)

    It was grey and early morning.  After a quick breakfast, we went to pick up the motorbikes from the parking lot a couple of blocks away.  A sleepy guy opened the gate, but he had no change, so we rode back to the hotel to break a bill.  A group of locals gathered around us […]

  • Day 69 – Resting Day (Popayan, Colombia)

    Vadim started the day with a long walk in the old part of the city and brought back some nice pictures. . The White City – Popayan Gintaras spent all morning with his laptop doing god knows what, and only ventured out around noon.  It was dark and cool inside the hotel, but so nice […]

  • Day 68 – Going in Circles (Popayan, Colombia)

    The sound of rain woke us up in the morning, but by the time we got up and finished the breakfast, it turned into a drizzle and then stopped.  We had to take all side cases off the motorbikes to get out of the garage, since another car was blocking the exit.  By 9:30 am […]

  • Day 67 – Wax Palms (Salento, Colombia)

    After a small but tasty breakfast, Vadim was picked up by a local farmer Omar, who owned 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of land in the nearby Los Nevados National Park, in the Andes.  Omar inherited the land from his father and knew the area very well; he spoke good English and thus was an excellent […]

  • Day 66 – To the Mountains (Salento, Colombia)

    We started from Medellin quite late, around 10:30 am, and got lost right away, since the main road in El Poblado was closed due to some amateur cycling competition.  Vadim briefly tried to join the competition on his motorbike, but was immediately turned back by the police.  Then Gintaras’ GPS led us a couple of […]