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  • Day 57 – Three Crackers and Can of Coke (Caribbean Sea, Panama / Colombia)

    Stahlratte left San Blas Archipelago early morning and headed out to the open seas towards Cartagena.  Waves and wind became much stronger and the ship started rocking much harder; we could not move around without holding onto railings or ropes. Our stomachs did not like the new experience at all; about half of the people […]

  • Day 56 – John the Survivor (San Blas Archipelago, Panama)

    It was rainy and stormy night.  The ship was rocking hard and we had trouble sleeping.  The captain had to move the ship further from the island in the middle of the night.  In the morning, the crew spread out a water-proof cover over our heads for the breakfast.  By noon, the rain has stopped. […]

  • Day 55 – Coco Banderas (San Blas Archipelago, Panama)

    It was sunny and lazy morning.  The crew and few other people worked in the galley preparing breakfast.  The smell of bread, salami, cheese and fresh tropical fruits was hanging in the air. Stahlratte started moving forward soon after the breakfast.  We slowly passed several islands inhabited by Kuna Indians and saw a number of […]

  • Day 54 – In the Sea (San Blas Archipelago, Panama)

    The waiting is finally over and we are shipping our bikes to Colombia by sea on Stahlrattte (Steel Rat), a 100 year old German sailing ship!  Sounds like a great adventure!  But first things first… We had plenty of time to get ready in the morning – pack the luggage, catch a cab to a […]

  • Day 53 – Multiplaza (Panama, Panama)

    We took a cab to the new part of Panama City in the morning.  The business district looked clean and modern, with many skyscrapers – banks, hotels, and apartment buildings.  We spent walking around for about an hour and then continued to the oldest part of the city – Panama Viejo.  The historic site was […]