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Day 7 – Good Bye New Orleans – Hello Texas (Houston, TX)

10 Oct

We left New Orleans around 9:30 after performing the daily bike safety checks. For lunch, we stopped at Lake Charles in Louisiana at a cozy restaurant  – Steamboat Bill’s on the Lake.  We ordered the Captain Platter, which had shrimp, oysters, and fish.  We enjoyed the food, and especially the cold drinks as the weather was in the 90s F (+30 C).  We stopped for gas one more time and arrived to Houston at 5:45pm.  We covered good distance today.

We checked in the hotel and ate at a local Japanese restaurant.  The food was ok.  Gintaras and I enjoyed the water the most as it was the best thing on their menu.  Plus it was cold.  After dinner, Gintaras worked on the photos / videos for the website and I worked on attaching the video camera mount on Gintaras’ helmet.  I decided to glue the mount on the helmet as the mount would most likely fall off otherwise as a result of high winds while riding and rain.  It is best to play it safe.  It takes 24 hours for special glue to dry so Gintaras will not be able to use the helmet camera tomorrow until the glue dries completely and “integrates” with the helmet.  Our objective is to finish all the final preparations for our long journey abroad before crossing the border into Mexico.


Vadim performing the daily exercise – tire pressure check.


Routes taken: I-10 W

Miles ridden: 368 miles (592 km)


Day 6 – Bikes Fixed – Ready To Go (New Orleans, LA)

09 Oct

We drove to Hammond, LA early in the morning where we met with the salesman for the helmet Contour HD camera which we purchased over the phone yesterday for Gintaras.  Now both of us have a helmet camera.

After that, we drove to Baton Rouge to pick up our bikes from Hebert Cycles BMW dealership.  Both of our bikes were serviced and the clutch problem (slave cylinder) was finally fixed.  James from the dealership has been extremely nice and has done a great job to prepare our bikes for a very long ride to Argentina.  Per our request, James put rivets in our license plates to ensure they are not stolen while abroad and gave us a few extra straps to prevent our top bags from falling while riding on bumpy roads or while riding off-road.  We took a nice picture together.


We rode back to New Orleans to spend the last day here.  We had famous oysters for dinner and enjoyed music and people watching on Bourbon Street.  We are ready to proceed to our next destination – Houston – tomorrow.

Routes taken: I-10 E

Miles ridden: 73 miles (117 km) from the dealership


Day 5 – Baton Rouge BMW Dealership and the Beautiful New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)

08 Oct

We ate breakfast at our hotel and Gintaras performed Chopin on a piano while dressed in his full motorcycle gear (see Video Gallery).  I could not stop laughing while video taping this unusual mix (motorcycle jacket / boots and the Petrof piano).  Later, we rode to Baton Rouge to drop off Gintaras’ bike at the dealership.  Considering it was out of the way and the need for regular servicing that we planned to do in San Antonio for both of our bikes, we decided to leave my bike as well and have both bikes serviced (oil change, valve adjustments, and safety checks) to avoid any more stops for mechanical reasons in the United States.  James from Hebert Cycles dealership was extremely nice and squeezed us in without any appointments to accommodate our travel plans.  He believes that Gintaras’ bike has the slave cylinder problem.  We hope it is resolved for good tomorrow.


Vadim at Herbert Cycles in Baton Rouge, LA

.We rented a car and headed back to New Orleans, where we enjoyed the afternoon in the French Quarter.  New Orleans is a very interesting city with beautiful French Creole architecture, a lot of history, great food and nightlife.  We stopped at the Mother’s Restaurant, Café du Monde, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar and spent the evening on the Bourbon Street.


Local attractions on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

Tomorrow morning we are heading back to Baton Rouge to pick up our bikes.

Routes taken: I-10 W

Miles ridden: 73 miles (117 km) to the dealership


Day 4 – Luggage Review, Smokehouse of Laurel and New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)

07 Oct

We got up around 7:30am today as we were very tired from yesterday.  The weather was beautiful, around 65F (18C).  We brought all of our side cases and bags from our motorcycles inside of our hotel room and reviewed all the things we carried.  We decided to leave a few items as most likely they would not be critical to our trip considering the space and weight limitations we have (see picture).


After breakfast, we left to New Orleans with an objective to fix Gintaras’ bike at a nearby dealership in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  On the way, we stopped in Laurel, Mississippi for lunch.  The name of the restaurant was the Smokehouse of Laurel.  We had some chicken and pork.  It was delicious!   We also met two local women who asked us to take them on our trip to Argentina. They were very kind and allowed us to take their picture.


After lunch we made it to New Orleans with one stop to get gas and stretch.  The ride was nice and the scenery was beautiful especially when entering New Orleans.  The BMW GPS gave us a few surprises before we finally found a hotel.  This made our trip more adventurous.  I would not mind to burn my nav system.

The weather in New Orleans was 88F (31C), which is a “nice” introduction to what awaits us in the next 3 months being in a hot climate of Mexico.  Tomorrow, we are taking Gintaras’ bike to Baton Rouge to fix the clutch.

Routes taken: I-20 W, I-59 S, I-10 W

Miles ridden: 353 miles (568 km)