Day 3 – Crossing Four States (Birmingham, Alabama)

In the morning, we headed down to Greenville, South Carolina to the closest dealership to fix the clutch.  Shortly after lunch, we were told that the clutch was fixed. Two hours later, Gintaras told me that the clutch problem reappered, which forced us to go highways instead of scenic routes, as shifting the gears was quite problematic.

We wanted to make progress mileage wise and decided to go all the way to Birmingham, Alabama.  We arrived to Birmingham around 7:00pm as we got caught in traffic while going through Atlanta.  Tomorrow, we will have to make a decision where to go to take care of the clutch issue.  The local dealership is closed tomorrow and there are not dealers on the way to New Orleans.  We have the option of back tracking or going out of the way from the planned route to New Orleans.

Routes taken: I-26, US-25, I-85, I-20 West

Miles ridden: 361 miles (581 km)



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