Day 14 – On Way to Mexico City (Chihuahua, Mexico)

Our portable electric tire pump broke this morning so we had to borrow the hotel’s manual pump.  It took us longer to inflate the tires but it did the job.  We made it from Creel to Chihuahua in about 4.5 hours, including stops for rest.  We stayed at Quality Inn near the Cathedral in Chihuahua.  Streets at night in Chihuahua are dangerous so we used the cab to get to / from the restaurant.


Cathedral of Chihuahua

Before we leave in the morning, Vadim needs to go to the doctor to check out his leg.  It is bruised pretty bad (about 10 inches in diameter).  He can walk and perform all the riding functions but it’s better to be safe and check it.

Routes taken: Mexico 16

Miles ridden: 162 miles (261 km)






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