Day 15 – On Way to Mexico City (Torreon, Mexico)

Vadim went to the local hospital in Chihuahua (near our hotel).  The orthopedist looked at his severely bruised leg and gave him lots of cream and some tablets to reduce the swelling.  He said that Vadim will be OK.  The doctor spoke good English and was very nice.

On way to Torreon, we had to stop four times to pay tolls.  We roughly paid $30 USD each.  The road was not cheap.  At one of the rest stops, a couple of truck drivers came to us and asked about what we were doing.  They were very interested and thought it was cool that we were going to Argentina on motorcycles.  They brought their camera and took pictures with us.

We arrived to Torreon just before the sunset and spent at least half an hour looking for our hotel.  The local people were very helpful in giving directions, unfortunately, we only understood “derecho” and “izquierda”.  Tonight Vadim made a non-binding commitment to spend one week in a Spanish language school in Antiqua (Guatemala) …

Routes taken: Mexico 45, Mexico 49

Miles ridden: 298 miles (480 km)






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