Day 20 – Bikes Ready and Relaxing Day (Mexico City, Mexico)

We picked up our bikes from the dealership in the morning and were charged only 810 pesos (66 USD) total for computer diagnostics, tightening of all bolts, and replacement of the turn signal light cover.  The bikes were also washed very well.

We left the bikes at Juan Pablo’s parents’ house and went to have a late breakfast at Coyoacan, a lovely area with a nice park, a fountain and many restaurants.  On the way back,  we spent hour and a half in a horrendous traffic, although our hotel was was only 7 miles (11 km) away.  Riding in the heat is no fun, especially, in full gear.  Our motorbike engines were overheating as well.

Late afternoon, we met Pablo and his girlfriend at Fisher’s restaurant next to the hotel.  Among other things, we tried Chelada con Clamato (beer with tomato and clam juice) and seafood consommé with lime.

In the evening, we all climbed onto the roof of the Cathedral Metropolitana in Zocalo and took some good pictures.  The Cathedral is an impressive building with a beautiful view from the top.  There was a big concert in the Constitution square.


Concert in the Constitution Square from the Rooftop of Cathedral Metropolitana


Vadim on the Rooftop of Cathedral Metropolitana

Routes taken: Mexico City streets

Miles ridden: 7 miles (11 km)






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