Day 21 – Acapulco – Cliff Diving (Acapulco, Mexico)

We left Mexico City at 11 am and made it to Acapulco around 4:30 pm.  When we left, the temperature was around 68 F (20 C) and when we arrived to Acapulco – it was 94 F (34 C) .  The road to Acapulco was beautiful but the tolls were quite expensive (we paid close to $50 for two of us).

Upon arrival to Acapulco, we could not find our hotel as not all hotels have names on their buildings that could be easily seen from the ocean drive.  Vadim asked one of the cab drivers at a traffic light how to get to our hotel and he told us to turn around.  We went for almost a mile and no U-turns were allowed.  It was very hot to be outside on a motorcycle with full gear and it was a long day.  Vadim saw the next opportunity to make a illegal U-turn and saw Gintaras pulled over by two policmen on motorcycles.  Gintaras instructed Vadim to stop.  Vadim stopped and in a few minutes was joined by Gintaras escorted by two cops.  They requested our driver’s licenses.  Vadim happily gave the cops his expired AAA International licensed that he got 5 years ago for $10.  Gintaras gave his Virginia license.  The cops were professional and told us to pick up our licenses at 9 am the following day after paying a fine of 1,200 pesos each ($100 USD).  Vadim was not planning to do that.  After a few minutes of talking to the cops, one of the cops offered to “fix the situation” on the spot.  He offered us to pay him $100 USD to “settle” things, which would also include a personal escort to the hotel which we could not find.  Vadim told him that we can’t pay each cop $100 since we have 11 more countries that we need to go through and many more policemen to deal with.  The cops asked us how much we can pay and asked for $20 USD / each.  Vadim said $20 for two.  After negotiating for a few more minutes, they accepted our gracious offer.

After we arrived in our hotel, we checked in a beautiful ocean-view room with a balcony overseeing the famous Condesa Beach.  We love Acapulco.  It is very beautiful.


Acapulco at Night

At 9 pm, we had dinner while watching the well-known cliff divers (jumping off 95 ft/30m into waters that varies from 6 to 16 ft / 2-5 meters) at La Quebrada.  It was impressive as timing is crucial.  The last diver performed the jump without any lights but the light coming from the fire on the opposite side of the cliff.  At night, we walked around Acapulco for about one hour.

Routes taken: Mexico 95 D

Miles ridden: 238 miles (383  km)






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