Day 34 – Good-Bye Antigua (Antigua, Guatemala)

Today was our last day in Antigua and Guatemala, the country that we will remember for its beauty.  Our plan is to leave for El Salvador tomorrow and then breeze through Central America in two to three weeks.

In the morning, Gintaras spent a couple of hours walking around the town with a guide and visiting ruins that are plenty in the town due to the earthquakes that struck Antigua many times in the past, the latest in 1976.  During the tour, one of the volcanoes surrounding Antigua started fuming, a living example of continuing volcanic and seismic activity in the area.


Ruins of Iglesia del Carmen

After the tour, we met for lunch at Pollo Campero, a fast food chain (imagine KFC), where we enjoyed some healthy food, including fried chicken with Pepsi and tres leches cake.  Later we also stopped at the famous Dona Maria Gordillo Dulces Tipicos and loaded up with all kinds of sweets.


Dona Maria Gordillo Dulces Tipicos Sweet Shop

In the afternoon, we came back to the hotel to work on the website and get ready for the tomorrow’s trip.  Vadim has repeatedly tried to set the whole place on fire, while performing war dances around the fireplace and cursing the wet wood that was piled on the tile floor.


Fireplace at Panza Verde Hotel

In the evening, we had a nice dinner with a French-Guatemalan couple, whom Vadim met during his visit of the coffee plantation a couple of days ago.

Routes taken: None

Miles ridden: None






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