Day 79 – Early Morning (Quito, Ecuador)

Woke up at five, quick shower, ate sandwich that was prepared last night by a hotel restaurant.  Pablo came picked us up and took to the pier.  Agricultural inspection of bags, municipal “exit” tax…hahaha.  Small boat (16 people), took anti sea sickness pills, the ride much smoother, less than two hours.  Took taxi to the other side of Santa Cruz and then ferry to Baltra, then bus to airport…quick lunch at the airport.  Vadim and Gintaras names announced through loudspeaker as being late on the plane (were having coffee and chocolate in local shop). 


Half empty plane, exit row seats…wonderful.  One hour wait in Guayaquil.  Fast arrival to Quito. Taxi to hotel, room 10 (confusing), cold.  Vadim went to the gym.  Gintaras went to “times square” to eat mora juice and pork ribs.  Bought chocolate on the way back.  In the evening, Vadim and Gintaras ate on the times square Coffee Tree … had Nicoise salad…very nice. 

Routes taken: Air

Miles ridden:  None






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