Day 88 – Washing the Gear (Lima, Peru)

Sleep late, nice breakfast, haircut in the morning, meet Yuri, friends of Gintaras from graduate school, at 1:00 pm, Yuri drove VW Touareg ($75K in Lima), La Mar restaurant, 50 min wait, nice seafood, pisco sour drink, chatting for 4 hours, Gaston, stopped at supermarket for some champagne, nap back at the hotel, Vadim washed his gear and helmet…dirt…sand…rocks fell out of gear and helmet


Went to massages at Smik Spa… at night, dry sauna, eucalyptus wet sauna, pool, Jacuzzi, water at the bar, 1.5 hour classic and deep tissue massage….very nice…slept beautifully.

Routes taken: none

Miles ridden:  None






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