Day 92 – Machu Picchu (Cusco, Peru)

Early taxi (5am) to Ollantaytambo (1.5 hour drive).  Train to Aquas Calientes (1.5 hours, then bus to Mapi (20 minutes).  Trouble with ATMs (can’t withdraw cash); had to use hidden USD.  Nice sunny weather. Walking and taking 250 pics for 4 hours; meeting fellow bikers from Stahlratte (guys from London, Ireland and New Zeland) – took picture together. 


Developed  idea about going to Chile to see Dakar race in a few days; gorgeous views;


Inca bridge; back to Aquas calientes; ATM finally works; nice meal near central square (soup quinoa, beef, trout).  Long wait in the town; no earlier train; Vadim got inca massage; short work around the town in the evening and sitting in the central square; uncomfortable (no leg room and hot) train; chatty 22-year old girl from Lima on the train; minivan from Ollantaytambo (driver playing Guns&Roses).  Arriving to Cusco before midnight; very tired in the evening…Fell asleep immediately.

Routes taken: Train

Miles ridden:  none






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