Day 92 – Machu Picchu (Cusco, Peru)

03 Jan

Early taxi (5am) to Ollantaytambo (1.5 hour drive).  Train to Aquas Calientes (1.5 hours, then bus to Mapi (20 minutes).  Trouble with ATMs (can’t withdraw cash); had to use hidden USD.  Nice sunny weather. Walking and taking 250 pics for 4 hours; meeting fellow bikers from Stahlratte (guys from London, Ireland and New Zeland) – took picture together. 


Developed  idea about going to Chile to see Dakar race in a few days; gorgeous views;


Inca bridge; back to Aquas calientes; ATM finally works; nice meal near central square (soup quinoa, beef, trout).  Long wait in the town; no earlier train; Vadim got inca massage; short work around the town in the evening and sitting in the central square; uncomfortable (no leg room and hot) train; chatty 22-year old girl from Lima on the train; minivan from Ollantaytambo (driver playing Guns&Roses).  Arriving to Cusco before midnight; very tired in the evening…Fell asleep immediately.

Routes taken: Train

Miles ridden:  none

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