Day 94 – Long Day – Record Miles (Camana, Peru)

Long day riding over 500 miles toward Arica, Chile for the Dakar.  Left late at 9 am.  Got out of Lima easily, refueled.  Unforgettable views of the ocean and mountains.  Met the Japanese rider from Stahlratte boat.  He was on his way to see Dakar in Chile. 


Took many pictures and videos.  Stopped for lunch at a local restaurant for mixed ceviche.  Saw Nazca lines from ground level; small planes flying above.  Strong wind, sand on the road, riding at night.  Could not reach Arequipa and had to stay in Camana for the night. Ate at a local chicken restaurant – it was very good.

Routes taken: 1 Panamericana

Miles ridden:  519 miles (830 km)






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