Day 101 – Quebrada De Cafayate – a Beatiful Canyon (Cafayate, Argentina)

We rested in the morning and made reservations for a hotel in Cafayate for tonight.  Vadim called a travel agent in Buenos Aires about a tour to Antarctica at the beginning of February.  We hope that there will still be availability to visit Antarctica before our trip is over.  We left Salta around 1pm and headed towards Cafayate.  The road was amazing – it changed from green scenery with mountainous background to a beautiful canyon Quebrade De Cafayate.  It was nothing we have seen before – red rocks of different shape and a twisty road that provided fun riding and beautiful views. 


The temperature was 99F at a high point which made the 200K trip a bit tiring.  We rested for the remainder of the day and Vadim was working on updating the blog with pictures.  We plan to have our blog up to date with pictures by the end of this week.

Routes taken: Route 68, Route 40

Miles ridden: 119 miles (190 km)






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