Day 105 – Parking Garage Police and Another 700km hike (Mendoza, Argentina)

In the morning, we went to get our bikes from the underground parking garage that was across from our hotel.  We wanted to go down the ramp as it was a quick way to get to our bikes but were told that we had to go around the building to get into the garage.  We went around the building but could not find the entrance to the garage.  It was early in the morning and all doors in the building were locked.  Vadim was frustrated because of the heat and went back to the garage and just went down the ramp (there were no cars).  The garage police started screaming at Vadim and told him to return.  Vadim did not listen.  In the garage, Vadim was met by another policeman and the manager of the building.  They scolded him that he violated the building rules. Vadim told them “No comprendo, senior” and they all calmed down. 

We left around 8:30am.  This was another day of lots of miles to reach Mendoza.  We rode separately as Vadim got ahead of Gintaras as we were passing through heavy traffic in the mountains.  The last 400km consisted of straight road which allowed us to go fast. 


We met each other at the hotel and had a nice dinner together.  Tomorrow, we need to go to the BMW dealership to change our oil, get new tires, and replace our air filters.  We will also ask if the dealership would be interested in purchasing our bikes at the completion of our trip.  This would save us on shipping costs and allow us to potentially get brand new bikes upon return to the United States.

Routes taken: RN 48

Miles ridden:  432 miles (691 km)






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