Day 108 – Relaxing Day in the Capital (Santiago, Chile)

We slept in till 9am today and went to drop off our laundry at a local Lavanderia. 


We also had to drop off Gintaras’ motorcycle jacket to the tailor for zipper replacement as it was jammed and had to be forced open a few days ago.  Later in the morning, we went to the BMW dealership by taxi to learn more about Chile/Argentina roads we could take south to make sure we don’t miss anything interesting.  The sales person spoke English and was extremely helpful.  Later, we walked around Santiago Centro district and had some ice cream which felt really good in the 37C heat. 

In the evening, we met with Fred (Californian motorcyclist we met in Mendoza) and his wife.  We had a nice evening and enjoyed their company.  We hope to stay in touch and enjoy their experience going north to Columbia.  Tomorrow we plan to update our blog with pictures and explore other areas of Santiago.

Routes taken: None

Miles ridden:  None






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