Day 111 – Island Chiloe (Puerto Montt, Chile)

Gintaras took a bus to island Chiloe and Vadim rode his motorcycle.  The ride was about 45 minutes to the ferry.  It was raining during this time and Vadim rode onto the ferry all wet. 


Vadim visited the town Ancud (north of the island) where he visited Fuerte San Antonio (fortress). 


He later rode 75km to a town Dalcahue on the water front. 


Gintaras visited Castro, the capital of the island, where he saw many wooden houses on water (“palafitos”).  Gintaras later went to Ancud by bus and watched rodeo and ate curando.  On the way back, Vadim took a ferry back to the mainland and went to the downtown Puerto Montt where he met 5 bikers from Santiago. 


They gave us some good tips how to get to Ushuaia without missing interesting places. 

Routes taken: 5, Ferry, 5, W-45

Miles ridden:  212 miles (339 km)






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