Day 114 – End of Paved Road (Futaleufu, Chile)

We picked up our laundry at 9am and left the hotel around 10am.  The ride was beautiful – lakes, twisty roads, green trees, and beautiful mountains. 


About 30 km before the Chilean border, the paved road turned into unpaved road.  This is the beginning of Caretera Austral – the stony road – that we will take all the way to Chile Chico (about 800km off road), border town in Argentina.  This is an interesting road and we look forward to spending 2-3 days riding through the most beautiful places we have ever seen.  We met a group of motorcyclist that were touring the world through a commercial tour company (each paid 100,000 euros).  They flew from Europe to Argentina and started their trip from Ushuaia and were on their way to Alaska.  They confirmed that the road to Ushuaia will be one of the most scenic ones.



Routes taken: RN40, RN258, RN259

Miles ridden: 224 miles (358 km)







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