Day 115 – River Rafting (Futaleufu, Chile)

Vadim rode his motorcycle in the morning around Futaleufu and Gintaras spent his time on Skype with a friend.  At 2:30pm we went to on Futaleufu River to river raft.  This is the 3rd best river in the world for water rafting.  We rode 45 minutes up the river and received a 10-minute training.  There were 5 of us in a boat with an escort of a kayak rescuer and a catamaran going in front of us checking for rapids.  It was necessary to do so for safety as this river has Level 5 rapids which are for professionals only.  The views were like nothing we have seen before. 



We spent about 2 hours going in a boat being covered with high cold waves but it was a lot of fun.  After our adventure, we had some nice snacks on the shore while enjoying a beautiful view.


Routes taken:  None

Miles ridden:  None






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