Day 124 – Disappointing but Right Decision (Puerto Natales, Chile)

It rained all night since we went to bed.  Around 9am it started to drizzle so we decided to have a quick breakfast and head to Torres Del Paine national park.  We really wanted to see it as all people we talked to said that it was the most beautiful park they have seen in South America. 

We filled out tanks with gas as we had to ride 250 km around the park. As we got on the unpaved road in the park and rode for about 5 km, we realized that it would be very difficult to ride another 245 km in the rain and mud.  The road was slippery, muddy, and had lot of puddles.  Our bikes were covered in mud in minutes and so were we.  At this moment, we decided to stop and return back to our hotel where we washed our bikes at a local Car Wash.  We requested that the car wash guy wash us as well with high-pressure water stream as our boots, pants, and jacket were completed covered with mud and dirt from our 5 km ride.  It was quite a hilarious experience as both of us stood in our gear in the car wash being washed like a car.  That was a highlight of the day.


Routes taken: None

Miles ridden:  None






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