Day 1 – Rain Followed by Sun (Roanoke, VA)

The day was a bit emotional at the beginning in anticipation of leaving home, friends, and the regular comforts we are all used to.  Leaving everything behind did not hit us until the morning came.  It was raining all morning.   We had an extended breakfast at 9:30 am in the hope that the rain would stop.  The rain did not stop and so we decided to ride in the rain around 11 am.  We rode in rain for about an hour and a half until we passed Front Royal, VA after which the clouds cleared up and the sun came out.  This was a happy moment and we thought that things are looking pretty good!  I pulled out my helmet camera and shot a few videos of Gintaras while riding.  We rode to Staunton, VA and turned off to Blue Ridge Parkway and rode some 50 miles on it and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  We stopped at a few places and shot some pictures.  It was getting closer to 4 pm and we decided to ride to a final destination for today in Roanoke, VA to find a hotel.  It started to rain again and we rode in rain for another hour and decided to turn off Blue Ridge Pkwy to get on the main road to avoid twisty slippery roads.  We safely made it to Roanoke around 8pm. It was a great day despite the rain.  This day gave us an opportunity to ride in rain, on twisty slippery roads, and highways full of semi-trucks at night.  We look forward to resting and riding tomorrow to North Carolina.  Hope tomorrow will be a sunny day.

Routes taken: 66 West, US 81 south, Blue Ridge Pkwy

Miles ridden: 306 miles (492 km)






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