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  • Day 2 – Deers and Clutch Problem (Asheville, NC)

    In the morning, we checked the tire pressure and oil level.  My motorcycle was low on oil and had low tire pressure in the front wheel.  Yesterday’s riding on twisty roads and being in low gears apparently ate some of the engine oil. We rode up in the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway where […]

  • Day 1 – Rain Followed by Sun (Roanoke, VA)

    The day was a bit emotional at the beginning in anticipation of leaving home, friends, and the regular comforts we are all used to.  Leaving everything behind did not hit us until the morning came.  It was raining all morning.   We had an extended breakfast at 9:30 am in the hope that the rain would […]

  • Pre-Departure

    During the past several months, we completed the necessary preparations for our bikes and got all the necessities for our trip, including tools and spare pars.  This was a very long planning process.  It is hard to foresee what may happen in the future on your trip; nevertheless, we had to make ourselves play many […]

  • Wineries

    . . La Grange winery in Haymarket, VA . . Potomac river at the Great Falls park in McLean, VA

  • Middleburg

    . .Leisurely ride around Middleburg Saturday morning…