Day 71 – Welcome to Ecuador (Quito, Ecuador)

Book hotel in Quito, Breakfast at the hotel, both still feel a little bit sick, leaving Tulcan, no passport control, following GPS directions :), beautiful mountains, no rain, stopped at gas station, cheap gas at $2 / gallon compared to $5 / gallon in Columbia, filled 8+ gallons


Cool in the mountains, warm in the valleys, very good road, turned from Pan-Americana, crossed equator, missed obelisk, paid 20c tolls several times, used GPS to navigate through City, then taxi to hotel, beautiful hotel, colonial house, spacious suite, late lunch (Morocho), Vadim went to the gym (20 pull-ups from the first try…things are just getting better), haircut, massage

Routes taken: 35 (Panamerican Hwy)

Miles ridden:  156 miles (250 km)






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