Category: Ecuador

  • Day 83 – Welcome to Peru (Mancora, Peru)

    Brought bikes from parking; two guys on small scooter led us to the gas station and the borderr, long queue at gas station, but no super grade…sucks…have to get gas on the other side of the border, went to the border…saw a money exchange guy that seemed to know one phrase in English “one dollar”..that’s […]

  • Day 82 – Twisty Roads (Macara, Ecuador)

    Left late, around 9:30.  Saw Christmas parade…had to wait until it was over and streets were clear.  . Road construction in Cuenca; found roundabout; minor off roading to get onto Panamericana.  Good weather, some minor rain, mountains and twisty roads, many Indians on the road extending their arms for money, animals, cool, hot, clouds and […]

  • Day 81 – Sightseeing (Cuenca, Ecuador)

    Walked around town in the morning.  Bought some chocolate.  Vadim bought some fun T-shirts.  Gran Colombia street, Mariscal Sucre Street, many parks, churches, river and bridges, Hungarian girl teaching philosophy taking our photo. . Lunch for $4.  Back in the hotel, started raining.  All afternoon on Skype and pictures / videos.  No dinner, bad service […]

  • Day 80 – Beatiful Colonial Town (Cuenca, Ecuador)

    Late start at 9:30 am.  Following GPS out of Quito.  Good road, no rain till Riobamba.  Refuel, nice lunch at a restaurant in local hotel on our way: soup, pork, desert.  4-5 hours to go.  Dense fog, clouds, rain, following other cars, helmet visors up (steamed up), road construction and going on the left-hand side […]

  • Day 78 – Last Day (Island Isabella, Galapogos, Ecuador)

    Late breakfast, empty hotel…all tourists left.  Few French and German people arrived in the afternoon.  Moved to a new room  – Amarillo room…much nicer.  . Website update, Skype with friends.  Little dark girl running around, playing with Vadim’s iphone and sitting on his lap.  Lunch in town; terrible, slow service, flies, bad food (grilled octopus […]