Day 74 – Galapogos Islands (Galapogos, Ecuador)

4:30 get up, taxi to the airport, crazy speed of taxi in the tunnel (thought of Princess Dianna), breakfast at airport, complicated check in, flew to Guayaquil first then to Gapalagos, warm, request to pay 100 USD each at the airport to enter Galapogos, took bus first to the boat and then boat to Santa Cruz, travel agents, pick-up taxi, check-in into hotel (overpriced but right on the beach with Iguana sitting on the pool edge), no cruises available (all full, too expensive $4-$5K, bad routes, too long, etc.). 


Walked to the Tortuga Bay, saw iguanas, crabs, cactuses, pelicans, fine white sand.  Bad food at Italian place (overpriced).  Very tired.  

Routes taken: Air

Miles ridden:  none






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