Day 80 – Beatiful Colonial Town (Cuenca, Ecuador)

Late start at 9:30 am.  Following GPS out of Quito.  Good road, no rain till Riobamba.  Refuel, nice lunch at a restaurant in local hotel on our way: soup, pork, desert.  4-5 hours to go.  Dense fog, clouds, rain, following other cars, helmet visors up (steamed up), road construction and going on the left-hand side against traffic…stopped to allow buses go through without hitting the bikes.  Arriving to Cuenca…beatiful.  Found hotel easily.  Parking the bikes, Gintaras rode with hotel guy to the parking garage to find it.  Out to dinner at Eucalyptus (tortilla soup, carpaccio, Peruvian and Ecuadorian ceviche, white whine and two pots of tea).  Nice town at night, impressive churches.  Dark parks. 

Routes taken: 35 Panamerican

Miles ridden:  284 miles (454 km)






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