Day 82 – Twisty Roads (Macara, Ecuador)

Left late, around 9:30.  Saw Christmas parade…had to wait until it was over and streets were clear. 


Road construction in Cuenca; found roundabout; minor off roading to get onto Panamericana.  Good weather, some minor rain, mountains and twisty roads, many Indians on the road extending their arms for money, animals, cool, hot, clouds and fog, lunch in Loja at piu piu (chicken and Pepsi).  Road construction, asking for directions (GPS crazy, maps too general, signs incomplete), impressive mountains, free passing through Peaje (toll booths), running low on gas, circling around in Macara…got escort with scooter to the gas station, which closed at 4 pm…no gas until tomorrow. Conquistador hotel, looking for parking, hotel guy giving incomprehensible directions (concept of left, right, or straight or going against traffic illegal), back in hotel, no internet, wired shower, dinner around the corner (6 bottles of soda…thirsty, fried fish with rice and French fries), walking around the town, buying water, bouth small Santa Claus toys to put on our bikes for XMas, no Wi Fi, unable to book hotel in Mancora over the phone for tomorrow.

Routes taken: 35 Panamerican Hwy

Miles ridden:  247 miles (395 km)






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