Day 83 – Welcome to Peru (Mancora, Peru)

Brought bikes from parking; two guys on small scooter led us to the gas station and the borderr, long queue at gas station, but no super grade…sucks…have to get gas on the other side of the border, went to the border…saw a money exchange guy that seemed to know one phrase in English “one dollar”..that’s all he was saying during the 1.5 hours we were at the border, easy immigration…all done by ourselves, low traffic, vehicle permit mistake at the border…corrected manually


Bought gas in Suyo…$5/gallon just like in Columbia…expensive, desert landscape…sand…could see for miles, briefly lost in Sullana, mountains of trash, tuk tuks everywhere (moto taxis), no lunch, continuing to Mancora, hot, desert hills, many oil wells, saw ocean and desert.  In Mancora in three hours, stopped at the center of village, late lunch, walked to Arena Beach hotel, parked bikes inside, went to the beach, saw many locals, kitesurfers, no cash at ATM, free Wi-Fi next to Vino Bar (French guy, owner, came on a motorbike…was very nice to about us stealing his Wi-fi), walking down the town, dinner (ceviche, fish chicharron, chicken), empty streets at 8 pm, noisy all night…music…singing…

Routes taken: 1A

Miles ridden:  173 miles (277 km)







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